How can I book a paragliding tandem flight?

We recommend to make a reservation as soon as possible by any of these 3 ways:

Meeting point?

Puerto Naos   Kiosko Love On The Beach

Where is our take of point?

Los Campanarios.

Where is the landing point?

Puerto Naos

What is the cost of a paragliding tandem flight

The price is 150 € and it includes:

  • Flight of about 20-30 minutes,
  • A selfie video of your flight experience on an 8 GB memory card, a little present so that you would never forget the island of La Palma.

What do I need to bring with myself?

  • Trousers (Pants)
  • Wind jacket
  • Sports or hiking shoes, the ones that let you run comfortably a couple of meters.

If the weather is warm enough, there's no need to come wearing all the equipment, we can change clothes just before the takeoff. If you miss something just inform us before coming and we can have it prepared for you.

Age or weight limit?

Weight: min. 40kg., max. 110kg

Age: there is no minimum age limit but below 18 years of age we require a written authorization of the parents or care-takers. Maximum age limit is 65 years.


Can there be photos taken during the takeoff?

Off course! If you want, we can take a lot of photos with our camera of the preparation and the takeoff also. The photo service costs 15 €.

What if I'm afraid of heights or too much afraid?

Tandem paragliding is not an adrenaline fuelled sport, it is much more about the contrary.

After the takeoff you will experience peacefulness and the meditative tranquility of feathered birds.

If you want, we can also do some more sportive maneuvers.
Almost none of my passengers had flown before and their great dream could become true after living the experience.

It is absolutelly normal to feel a bit nervous before flying. We all have fears that we can overcome and some that might appear invincible. If you're able to conquer your fears I can fly with you with maximum security.

If this is not the case, you can still enjoy a multitude of other programs on la Isla Verde (click here to see) like a game of chess or the warmth of home...