Flying is a thing of birds but the desire to fly is very much part of human nature.

Helped by the winds and thermals without the noise of an engine.

The island of volcanos from a bird's eye view.

Discover your limits with our collaboration and in complete security.

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Takeoff: Los Campanarios 950 m

Landing: Puerto Naos, at the foot of the beach

Duration: The paragliding tandem flight during between 20 y 30 minutes in the air, depending on the meteorological conditions.

The duration of the trajectory between Puerto Naos and the takeoff site is about 25 minutes. (20’  by car + 5’ on foot)

Once we reached the takeoff zone, during a short break we'll go trough the basic details of the flight while enjoying a spectacular scenery.

The takeoff zone is a hillside with a very soft inclination. It will be enough to run a few steps together with the pilot to raise the flight.

Our tandem flight trajectory usually passes over the Jedey volcano, where you can take a peek at the inside of the crater. 

Afterwards we'll be flying alongside the lava columns until the ocean.

We'll then fly a bit over the waters before turning near the beach of Puerto Naos for landing.