Tandem Fly La Palma

La Isla Bonita

Paragliding on La Palma is an amazing way to explore the breathtaking nature of the island, where thousands of meters high volcanoes meet the Atlantic Ocean. La Palma aka Isla Bonita is often referred as the steepest island of the world, one of the best places for stargazing, the lushest and the least urbanized among the other Canary Islands.

Paragliding Tandemfly in La Palma

Meteorology in paragliding

Understanding weather forecast is crucial for all pilots. The idea of this video is to help students with one of the biggest issues they face when they start their paragliding course, through visualizing meteorology concepts. We suggest you watch this video before or while reading a meteorology book. Obviously, this video does not explain everything, but it can be very helpful to fully understand the books’ content.